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High quality mechanical repairs & maintenance

AMC Trangie offers a complete range of professional diesel repair services. Our highly trained and experienced team of mechanics are capable of completing difficult repairs on a wide range of machinery specialising in agricultural machinery.
Using the latest diagnostic equipment, we aim to getting our clients back to work quickly.

Minimise downtime with fast & efficient repairs & maintenance

We offer on-site and field services to lessen your downtime and to get your machine operating as soon as possible. Our prompt and reliable services can help you, regardless of the size of your equipment.
From small petrol or diesel pumps through to headers, tractors and farming implements, our workshop is designed to accommodate your machine.
We offer:
  • Mechanical services, repairs and general maintenance
  • Diagnosis and repairs on any issues
  • Auto electrical and hydraulic repairs
  • Major component repairs and replacements
  • General parts store
  • Machinery Hire
Take the hassle out of your repair and servicing needs by choosing a team who is experienced in heavy machinery.
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Harvest Preparation & Inspections

Efficiency and productivity is extremely important during harvest. Do yourself a favour and book your header in for a pre-harvest check prior to commencing harvest. 

Your pre-harvest inspection will include;

  •  A thorough cleaning to remove residual trash, rodents nests, oil and grease build up

  • Overall grease of the machine checking loose screws, missing nuts, damaged, worn or missing parts

  • Inspect all belts, chains, bearings and drive components replacing any that may not last through the season

  • Check auger spirals, headers, cutter bars, knives, and skid plates for top performance

If you would like to book in for your pre-harvest inspection contact Bert today on 0427 889 623

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Filters & Parts

Did you know that we at AMC stock a range of Donaldson, John Deere and Honda filters? AMC aims to stock regularly used filters for common machines. If we don't have it, we will order it in for you!

We also stock a range of nuts, bolts, grinding discs, oils, coolants, batteries and electrical parts. 

If you need a filter and any machinery parts, contact Bert on 0427 889 623 today